InpharmD™ Launches July 1st!

Healthcare providers frequently have complicated questions that cannot be answered using drug monographs or other drug information databases. These questions can only be answered after labor and time–intensive primary literature searches. Healthcare providers do not typically have the time necessary to complete these searches, and even if they do, providers might not have access to the resources necessary to fully answer their question. Providers who find themselves without the time or resources required to answer their question can make use of an academic Drug Information Center.

Drug Information Centers will provide a response to a healthcare provider’s question. However, the information that Drug Information Centers must collect from providers to offer this service complicates the process of submitting a question. This discourages providers from contacting drug information centers to receive answers to questions they are unable to answer themselves.Thus, many questions go unanswered and decisions are not always completely informed.

To streamline the process of submitting a drug information query, the Mercer University Drug Information Center is launching a web based and iOS application called InpharmDTM. Providers will be able to register their information with the service, submit their questions directly to the Drug Information Center via or our iTunes App, and forgo the time consuming task of submitting both their information and question over the phone every single time they would like to receive a response. We feel that not only will this improve the usability of the Drug Information Center but also encourage providers to seek responses to questions that might have previously gone unanswered.

InpharmDTM launches to select users on July 1st and to all healthcare providers on September 12th. All healthcare providers are eligible to receive a free three month trial, credit card and commitment not required. After your three month trial, you will have the option to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription featuring unlimited requests or pay for individual requests as you need them. Visit the following URL to request access and receive your free three months today:


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