4 Frequently Asked Questions About InpharmD™

1. How is InpharmD™ different from traditional drug information resources?

InpharmD™ answers complicated questions that cannot be answered using traditional resources. You submit your question directly to us, and we return a customized, evidence-based answer within the time-period requested. Traditional resources simply make information available to you that you can use to answer common questions.

2. How much does InpharmD™ cost?

All new healthcare providers receive a risk-free, three month trial, no credit card required. After this period, our prices are:

  • $24.99 for a monthly subscription featuring unlimited information requests
  • $249.99 for a yearly subscription featuring unlimited information requests
  • $14.99 per individual request if you choose not to purchase a subscription

3. How does InpharmD™ provide value?

Americans pay more for healthcare than citizens of any other country but do not receive better care than patients in every other country. Latest published figures use a cost savings assumption of $700 for every drug information response-related intervention. Drug information response-related interventions save money by promoting improved outcomes and more cost-effective treatments. InpharmD™’s ability to improve access to valuable drug information can save money and improve care.

4. Is InpharmD™ available to patients?

Not yet. We will launch a complimentary, automated search of trustworthy resources geared towards patients in the summer of 2015. We hope that we can become a tool that providers can direct their patients to, to ensure that their patients are using accurate electronic resources. Please click the orange feedback button on the side of this page and tell us what you would like to see.


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