InpharmD™ is Officially Live!

InpharmD™ launched to healthcare providers at Health 2.0’s 8th annual Fall Conference last Wednesday. Follow this link to sign up for a risk-free, 3 month trial. Use the promo code “Launch” to enter into a drawing for 1 of 5 Fitbit© Flex™ activity-tracking wristbands.

InpharmD™ connects health care providers to trusted clinical information. Our founder Ashish Advani believes that we are the first service of our kind.

“Currently such a service is not commercially available,” said Advani. “Existing drug information websites and apps do not offer customized drug information, and existing drug information centers that provide customized information do not presently offer a website and mobile app as a means of communication. With this endeavor, we aim to promote the exchange of drug information in a way that has never been done before.”

We hope to become an essential part of clinical decision-making and strongly believe that better information leads to better outcomes. Click here to read more about our launch.


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