Our Founder’s Thoughts on Health 2.0

Even though our bid for Launch! was unsuccessful, we consider our participation in Health 2.0 to be an overwhelming success. Our founder and attendee Ashish Advani has had roughly 2 weeks to reflect. “Health 2.0 was a wonderful opportunity to tell people about InpharmD™ in a huge way, but we also learned so much and made incredible connections, too.  I can’t imagine a more successful launch,” Advani said.

We put a lot into preparing for the event, and according to Ashish Advani, our promotional materials didn’t go unnoticed: “The big iPhone was a hit!  It got a lot of attention from people throughout the conference and even made a splash in the Twitterverse after the conference organizers Tweeted about it.” Look out for the big iPhone at future conferences.

Register for a risk-free, three month trial today. Sign up here before November 21 using the promo code “Launch” to enter into a drawing for 1 of 5 Fitbit© Flex™ activity-tracking wristbands.


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