Prescription Growth to Ease Pharmacist Surplus

In September, the unemployment rate dipped below 6% for the first time since 2008, yet the unemployment rate for young adults 20 to 24 years increased to 12.6%. Millennials have experienced well-publicized difficulty finding jobs, often forced to accept underemployment. New pharmacists aren’t fairing any better with graduates facing historically unparalleled uncertainty.

Current students fear a future of limited employment opportunities further aggravated by a steadily increasing supply of graduates. However, not everyone is expecting the worst. Click here to read why we think things are going to improve.


2 thoughts on “Prescription Growth to Ease Pharmacist Surplus

  1. pharmacy student says:

    I am confused by this article, as the graph shows 2/3 negative possibilities. Also, what effect will decreasing insurance reimbursments and increasing drug prices have as margins shrink with more people on traditional insurance?

  2. Hi,

    Firstly, 2/3 projections are negative. However, we just believe that demand is most likely to trend along the positive possibility, especially considering our aging population.

    Secondly, fluctuations in profit margins shouldn’t affect supply and demand of pharmacy jobs in the short term, but certainly long term supply may be affected. But we’re just looking at part of the picture, and when we zoom out and look at the whole thing, we believe we’re in great shape. What do you think?

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